Pearson Compass Suite

In 2012, Pearson was seeking to market their Pearson Compass Suite software for educational institutions. I helped on the web design, created some of the graphics, and did all of the animation.

NADMC Services

Nikki, the founder of NADMC wanted an animated impact video to explain how she can help business owners with their marketing gameplan.

College Planning Relief

CPR needed an impact video that they could offer their licensees. At the end, when it fades to white, each licensee's company logo would appear.

College Cost Navigator

I was subcontracted to do this animation for College Cost Navigator through an internet marketing company.

Miami University CAS logo

I created this to put at the end of the video I produced for Miami's Western Program to give it an overall sleaker and professional look.

CDC Facts sequence

This was made for the E-Cig episode of the webseries I produce for political commentator Libertarian Girl.

VFX & Animation Reel '12

This video is a mixed bag of both animation and visual effects clips from a variety of projects.