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Wedding Videography

Invitations, Make-up, the dress, the cake. So much attention and detail is put into making weddings beautiful. Why not make your video follow suit?


Long-form wedding videos (what many videography packages offer) are usually tediously long, suffer from poor cinematography, and as a result can often resemble a home video. How often does anyone set aside the hours required to watch one of those?


At Macroscope Pictures we craft a visually-stunning short film of your wedding day that captures the guests, details, and events in a compact highly-rewatchable video that's perfect for sharing. We shoot for a cinematic aesthetic and a polished final product that will bring back your big day in a way that still photography just can't.

When choosing the vendors for the day you'll never forget, Macroscope is a choice you wont regret.


If you'd like to customize our services to your needs, we'd be happy to work up a quote.

Tier 1

  • Pre-wedding consultation

  • 2 videographers

  • 8 hours of coverage

  • Music Video Style Highlights edit (8-13 minutes)

  • Shot in 1080p HD

  • Delivered digitally via a link to stream or download it any time.

Tier 2

  • Pre-wedding consultation

  • 2 videographers

  • 10 hours of coverage

  • Music Video Style Highlights edit (10-15 minutes)

  • Shot in 1080p HD

  • Delivered digitally via a link to stream or download it any time.


Will my video be on a DVD? Blu-Ray? VHS? Laserdisc?

No. I've discontinued creating DVDs or Blu-Rays as part of these packages because physical media is a thing of the past. Today, we need not dig though a dusty cabinet looking for our wedding video to watch on the couch. Today we need not worry about the precious disc deteriorating with time and skipping. Today we will watch our wedding video with our phones from the toilet at work if we so choose! I will provide you with a 1080p full HD file of your wedding which can be copied unlimited times, and I'll give you a link where you and your loved ones can download and/or stream the video instantly.


What if I want you to stay longer?

If the time you paid for has passed and you'd like us to stay longer, additional time (when requested day of) is $150 per hour. If you know ahead of time that you'd like us to stay longer than the time allotted in your package, let's talk about customizing a quote.

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