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Katie & James McConnell's wedding

Back in May we did videography for a few weddings, but one really stood out to me. We first met Katie and James at the Chipotle on Brown street in Dayton, Ohio. They looked very young, but had been together since high school, and couldn't wait to finally be able to call each other husband and wife. The ceremony and reception were at Willow Tree, which is a beautiful farm house location in Tipp City, Ohio. It was the first outside wedding we've had the chance to work on, which in terms of videography, is awesome because with the sun, lighting is in no short supply. This gave us much greater liberty in our photography style as well as the position and angle from which to film. The reception took place inside the barn, which was absolutely decked out with what was probably a year's worth of pinterest research. Every guest found their personal mason jar glass wrapped with their name tag (including us!), and the wedding party had stemmed mason jar glasses. There was a bar shaking up and serving incredible salads in martini glasses, fresh strawberry lemonade, and a table full of different kinds of breads with whipped butter. As the couple's first dance took place, we were able to capture beams of sunlight peaking through the barn's boards behind them. I can only image how amazing it would have looked if we could have pumped a bit of fog in there, haha. The footage was looking so good that I couldn't wait to start on the editing. I should have it completed in the next 2 weeks and I anticipate great results.

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