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Quite a lot has happened since my last update. After about 2.5 years as a full-time video producer at DH Productions, I put in my notice, and on March 1st began touring the US living out of a modified Prius. Gypsy life, as some may call it, was calling. As far as the projects I've worked on in the mean time, I freelanced on a project in Atlanta and Savannah, shot a nature series in Tallahassee, made an event wrap video in Miami Florida during Miami Music Week for something called Game Of Throwdowns. Next, while in Dallas, I completed an international tour promo video for the dance music producer Left/Right. During a stint back to the homeland in June, I shot a wedding, shot photos for Full Moon Yoga, freelance editing for a few days at LPK, and made a wrap video for an event series in Cleveland called Weekender. I synchronously set back out onto my journey of freedom on July 4th and since then I've completed a new demo reel for myself as a shooter (I still need to make a new Macroscope demo), began releasing episodes of the nature series Wild Wander on a weekly basis, shot a tour of my modified Prius, and just recently started a secret passion project with my oldest friend. It's all been so fun and I can't wait to share these latest projects.

Emily from Full Moon Yoga

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